Tyre Tips

Extreme caution should be taken when driving in snow or icy conditions and the tyre treads should be in very good condition. Special designed tyres should be considered when driving permanently on snow and ice.

Tyres must always be in an overall good condition. It is not just the tread that must be in a good condition but the sidewalls as well. The correct tyre pressures are of the utmost importance to achieve optimum road holding and tyre life. A slight change in tyre pressure during the winter time could be applicable depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Remember in terms of Regulation 212 of the National Road Traffic Act it states that no person shall operate on a public road a motor vehicle which is equipped with a regrooved tyre having a bead diameter of 430 millimetres / less. The law says your tyres must have at least a 1 millimetre tread and if it falls below that figure, you risk hefty fines and points on your licence. Some tyres have tread wear indicators in the tread pattern to show when the tread depth is less than 1.6 millimetres. In these cases, if the tread on the tyre is level with these indicators, the tyre must be replaced as it is considered unroadworthy.

Furthermore when you enter into your policy conditions with your insurer you enter into an agreement stating that your vehicle will be in a roadworthy condition. If you fail to keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition and an accident occurs your insurance company can repudiate your claim. If your tyres are not in good condition your vehicle can be viewed as being unroadworthy, so check your tyres regularly!

Good tyre tread is necessary to maintain road grip, especially in wet weather.

Well maintained tyres will hold your vehicle securely on the road, allowing it to stop, start and manoeuvre safely.  For your own safety and that of others, your tyres must be in good condition, properly maintained and appropriate for your vehicle.

Source: http://www.aa.co.za/on-the-road/vehicle-tips/tyres.html

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