Looking after your tires


Most people are not aware of the importance of wheel alignment and tire pressures on their vehicles. It not only affects the tire longevity on vehicles, but in severe cases, the handling characteristics when driving.

We are all aware of the poor condition of our roads, and at best, have wheel alignment requested on all services, which on average is a 15000km interval. The truth of the matter is that this is just not sufficient. A badly aligned steering system can severely wear tires in a very short time and mileage, in some cases as little as 1000km.

For this reason I recommend doing wheel alignment consistently every 7500km, or, whenever a dreaded pothole or curb rears its ugly head! Tire pressures should be checked constantly, as often as every time you fuel your vehicle. But be wary, most stations do not calibrate their gauges, so double check your local stations inspection, and if you find it is accurate, use them in the future.

The relatively small cost of wheel alignment is far easier to bear than the exorbitant cost of replacing tires. The main thing to remember is, even though you believe the roads you travel couldn’t possibly have altered your alignment, do you really want to risk finding out when your tires are already worn to limits?


On another note, We have opened our doors to other brand vehicles in our workshop. We have the good fortune of technical staff with experience on many alternate brand vehicles, coupled with top of the line equipment and infrastructure, we believe we can offer the unrivalled service experience you are accustomed to with your Honda.

Why not keep it in the family, if your non-honda vehicles are beyond the warranty/service plan period, let us look after them, regardless of brand. We offer the most competitive labour rate in the market, and will always structure a service to suit your needs and most importantly, pockets.

We will also be structuring service specials on our older model cars, don’t hesitate to call and make your booking/enquiry. We are here to give you the best and most affordable service available, don’t risk substandard work to save very little cost, in my experience it costs more in the long term. We see it far too often, and sadly have to correct the failures of unqualified service stations, at exorbitant costs that could have easily been avoided.

Don’t underestimate the complex engineering in your vehicles, most requiring inspection and calibration, which in most cases are not performed by non-franchised service stations.

We look after your Honda, and your Honda will look after you

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